Our preferred clients are innovative organizations interested in exploring new and progressive ideas and management practices, whether from the viewpoint of a single company or agency, or from a more global perspective.

We feel that resource management agencies and companies in Canada and abroad face unprecedented challenges in designing and demonstrating sustainable management systems. These same pressures are creating abundant opportunities to strive for sustainability and ensure that the resources we value will continue to provide ecological and economic benefits.

We offer high quality professional services that will create value for progressive resource managers, regulators, stakeholders, and similar agencies, organizations and companies interested in meeting the challenges of today and the next millennium.

Scientific Reviews, Research, and Analysis:

Scientific Reviews and Assessments, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Sustainability Assessments, Research and Monitoring Planning and Public Consultation, Facilitation, and Education.

Planning, Management, and Auditing:

Resource Management and Planning, Quantitative Analyses and Computer Modeling, Socio-Ecological Analyses.