Planning, Management, and Auditing
Resource Management and Planning, Quantitative Analyses and Computer Modeling, Socio-Ecological Analyses.
Program Reviews and Strategic Planning
  • Evaluation of Canada’s Model Forest Program and individual Model Forest Performance
  • Mid-term review of Canada’s National Forest Strategy
  • Review of implementation of Ontario Forest Industries Association Code of Forest Practice
  • Development of Model Forest strategic plans


Sustainability Assessments and Audits

  • Completion of more than 20 independent forest audits
  • Forest certification audits and pilot audits
  • Assessment of biodiversity management capability of forest management companies
  • Screening and field testing of indicators of sustainable forest management
  • Assessment of the forest management policies in all of Canada’s provinces

Resource Management Plans

  • Operational forest management plans
  • Forest management plans for private lands
  • Frameworks for ecosystem management of forests
  • Forest riparian zone management plan

Scientific Reviews, Research, and Analysis