Scientific Reviews, Research, and Analysis
Scientific Reviews and Assessments, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Sustainability Assessments, Research and Monitoring Planning and Public Consultation, Facilitation, and Education.

Socio-Economic Analyses

  • Social and economic indicators of sustainable forest management
  • Incorporation of socio-economics into forest management planning
  • Economics of ecosystem management
  • Economic timber supply analyses
  • Wood supply analyses
  • Development, refinement and review of stumpage systems
  • Timber and wildlife harvest loss assessments
  • Valuation studies
  • Socio-economic impact assessments
  • Assessment of the market potential of non-timber forest products
  • Analysis of forest recreational use
  • Regional studies of socio-economic impacts of forestry and tourism

Scientific Reviews and Assessments

  • Alternative harvesting methods for boreal mixedwoods
  • Effects of forest management on wildlife
  • Forest fragmentation review
  • Review of dynamics of boreal forest natural disturbances
  • Techniques for integration of wildlife objectives in forest management
  • Effects of forest management on songbirds
  • Effects of climate change on biodiversity
  • Opportunities for incorporation of biodiversity concerns into industrial forest management
  • Carbon sequestration estimates and management practices
  • Impacts of forest certification

Research and Monitoring Programs

  • Comprehensive review of forest management guidelines for Ontario
  • Development and assessment of criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management
  • Non-game forest wildlife research program planning
  • Parks monitoring program
Quantitative Analyses and Modeling

  • Carbon budget modeling
  • Development of a decision support system strategy for forest management in Ontario
  • Integrated population and habitat model for moose
  • Generalized wildlife population model
  • Wildlife/forestry modeling system design
  • Waterfowl population models


Planning, Management, and Auditing