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ArborVitae Environmental Services Ltd. (AVES) was established on the belief that the coming years will see increasing integration of what have traditionally been independent interests; forest ecology, wildlife management, timber management, and forest use, by all stakeholders.
Our Name, ArborVitae, means "Tree of Life" in Latin. It is also the family name for cedar trees, which occur in Canada as the Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar. !

AVES, which is an acronym for ArborVitae Environmental Services, is the Latin word for birds.

So, although our name is rather heavy on Latin, it symbolizes the interrelation between wildlife, forests and people - one of the key elements of our professional practice.

Since its inception in 1996 AVES has been providing a wide range of services to Federal, provincial, and municipal governments across Canada, the forest industry, environmental organizations and certification bodies, First Nations, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Bank, and a variety of agencies and commissions.

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